The AWAKENING peels back the layers of biblical misinterpretations and flawed scientific theories to reveal a unique concord between science and religion and solves the age-old dilemma...what to believe.

The fields of science and religion have had a complicated relationship for over 150 years. Ever since Darwin's original Theory of Evolution was introduced to the world in 1859, with the publication of his book “On the Origin of Species”, mainstream Christianity and the scientific community has been at odds with one another. This difference in beliefs has intensified with time. Today nearly 63% of all Americans including Christians believe in evolution. But is it really true? And if so, why is it still referred to as a theory?

In “The AWAKENING" , the author supports his unique finds with 150 years of collected scientific data, and comes up with some unexpected answers to the perplexing questions about science and religion...Now at a special price of only $6.95.

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